Making knowledge visible. Towards an archive of competences in Florence

Florence urgently needs to preserve our craft knowledge!

Unlike academic or ‘book’ knowledge, the knowledge used by craftspeople is ‘situated’ – it only exists in the ways they perform their tasks, and the memory of how their skills were acquired. As this knowledge is situated in the body and mind of an individual and rarely written down, it is very fragile. When the craftsperson dies, the knowledge is lost, and all that remains is the ‘trace’ – a beautiful object. In the case of some crafts, such as cooking or gardening, even the trace may not survive. (more…)

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Eternartemisia – Arte, fumetto e social networking

Quando Francesco I di Francia muore (marzo del 1547), Enrico d’Orlean ne prende il posto e sua moglie, Caterina de’ Medici, pronipote di Lorenzo il Magnifico, diventa regina di Francia. Rimane vedova il 10 luglio 1559, quando Enrico muore per una ferita all’occhio contratta durante un duello. Caterina resse le redini del potere lungo il regno di tre sovrani francesi. (more…)

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